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Every stringed instrument needs a set of strings that are an equal balance of both smooth playability and immaculate tone. GHS understands this, which is why they're also one of the world's leading manufacturers of banjo strings. Banjos must be in tune to a meticulous degree, otherwise they simply won't sound right. For this reason, GHS consists of a team that is dedicated and trained in innovative banjo string technology.

Banjos have always been a major staple in bluegrass, country and American roots music. Over the past decade, however, banjos have also made a huge resurgence in other popular music genres, which means that well-known string brands like GHS are in extremely high demand. From indie-folk rock to Celtic punk, banjos can now be heard on a wide range of top selling albums, and thanks to their exceptional craftsmanship, GHS banjo strings consistently remain a hit with many pros.

For a set of strings that come endorsed by one of the finest banjoists in the world, look no further than the GHS J.D Crowe Studio Light Signature banjo strings. Featuring stainless steel winding, these strings are long lasting, have a bright tone, and will surely take your banjo playing one step closer to a professional level. Another great option is the GHS Sonny Osborne Medium-Light Signature banjo strings. This set contains plain steel strings, a roundwound stainless steel 4th string, and the GHS Lock Twist that ensures that they will stay in tune. Plus, they're made to the exact requirements of Sonny Osborne, and make no mistake about it... a legend like Sonny knows best.

Every day, musicians are realizing that the banjo's unmistakable sound can be incorporated into all kinds of musical styles. It's a remarkably diverse instrument, and playing one at the peak of your powers starts with equipping it with strings that are designed by experts. Thankfully, GHS Banjo strings have more than what it takes to continue sounding clear and crisp through a considerable amount of chording and plucking.