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The banjo is an instrument that has experienced quite a resurgence in recent years. A staple in folk and bluegrass music for decades, the banjo now consistently finds a home in country music, and even modern pop. With a new generation flocking to this instrument, it's important that they find one that is made by a brand they can trust. That's where Epiphone comes into the picture. With over 140 years of experience crafting musical instruments for hobbyists and professionals alike, Epiphone have the skills it takes to deliver a banjo that you're certain to love.

Epiphone knows that different players have different needs, which is why their banjos offer plenty of versatility, regardless of your style. If you're a young performer who is taking their first steps into the world of banjo music, you'll definitely want to check out the MB-100 First Pick Banjo. This stylish banjo features a mahogany neck and a traditional mahogany body that offers a warm, plucky resonance that you'll love hearing as you work to perfect your playing style. Another thing worth keeping in mind is that this banjo makes a great secondary instrument for professional players out on the road night after night.

If you're a slightly more experienced performer that is looking for an instrument that will better showcase your talent, you'll want to head straight for the MB-200 Banjo. The thing that separates this banjo from its competition is its incredible tone, which is as clear as a beautiful lake on a warm summer day. With a carefully crafted mahogany body and a rosewood fingerboard with stylish inlays, this banjo looks just as beautiful as it sounds.

Regardless of the Banjo you choose, if you decide on an Epiphone, you're making the best choice. With the respect of the industry and the accolades to back it up, Epiphone banjos stand in a class all their own.