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You would be hard-pressed to find a bassist who hasn't heard of Warwick. Makers of some of the best instruments in the world, Warwick's basses are nothing short of legendary. What some musicians may not know, however, is that they make amplifiers too. Just like the renowned basses that plug into them, these Warwick bass amplifiers are great examples of the level of craftsmanship and quality that comes from a company with real passion for what they do.

If you're building a full stack, your first consideration is probably your amplifier head. One look at the Warwick lineup and you're sure to notice the LWA1000. Offering 1000W of earth-shaking power to 4 ohm cabinets, this flagship amp head gives you all the volume you need no matter how large the venue. Dual inputs on the LWA1000 support active and passive basses, backing them up with cool vintage looks and tone. You'll also find two inputs on each of the smaller WA series heads, the WA300 and WA600  - not to mention a 10-band equalizer for making fine adjustments to your sound on the fly.

To complete your stack, you'll need a speaker cabinet that can keep up with the sweet tones of your Warwick amp head. Fortunately, you'll find those here as well. In order to make sure that their cabinets live up to their standards and reputation, Warwick has created its own custom speakers for all their cabs, as well as a specialty bullet horn for the WCA410 and WCA810. These cabinets sound great solo, but if you'd like to add an extra power boost to your WCA410, Warwick created the WCA115 to do just that. Its larger 15" driver is the perfect boost of strength and richness to accompany the smaller speakers in the 410.

Speaking of smaller speakers, maybe what you're looking for is something more compact and portable overall than a full stack? If so, direct your attention to Warwick's bass combo amplifiers. Starting at 20W with an 8" speaker in the BC20 and running all the way to the 300W, 15"-powered BC300, these amps deliver excellent Warwick sound in a format that's easy to stash in the trunk and zip across town to a club gig or band rehearsal.

Warwick doesn't have a massive selection of bass amplifiers - because they don't need to. With the BC20 starting out and the LWA1000 and WCA810 topping off the lineup, Warwick amps offer a smooth progression from low-powered portability to stadium-screaming overkill. All you need to do is pick your ideal spot on the power spectrum and let your new Warwick amp handle the tone.