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We've all heard plenty about the value of teamwork. It's something that applies to many areas of our lives, and that certainly includes music. Your instrument and its amplifier are a team, and in order to sound great, they have to work well together. That's why a well-built amp is so important, and that's exactly what you'll find in this selection of Behringer bass combo amplifiers. With a number of different combo amp styles to choose from, Behringer makes it easy to pick out the perfect model for your personal playing style and preferences.

One question that you may be asking yourself is "why choose a combo amp?" It's a question that can have several answers, but the most important one is convenience. Preparing for a show means matching your gear to the venue you'll be playing, and the simple truth is that most gigs simply don't need the power of an amp head and stack. For bars, nightclubs, small outdoor stages and other intimate locations, a Behringer combo amp is more than powerful enough. And since you don't need to lug a whole stack's worth of components, it's way easier to set up and tear down.

Deciding which Behringer bass combo amplifier is the right choice for you will depend mostly on the power level that you're looking for. Something light, like the Thunderbird BX108 1x8" Bass Combo Amp or Ultrabass BT108 Bass Practice Combo Amp, would be perfect for jam sessions and practice. On the other hand, if you want a beefy gigging amplifier, you'll want to check out the higher-end BXL series. These amps give you the choice between standard or aluminum cones so you can decide on the level of 'punch' that you want: just look for the 'A', as in the Behringer Ultrabass BXL3000A, if you'd like an aluminum driver. Models without an 'A', such as the Ultrabass BXL1800, are the ones to look at if you prefer a traditional cone.

Behringer certainly knows how to build an impressive amp, so if you're searching for a combo that you can trust to tackle your day-to-day practice and gigging situations, they've got you covered. In fact, even if you tackle a bigger show with a high-powered stack or PA system, you can still use Behringer bass combo amplifiers as your stage monitors. There's always a way to take advantage of their solid performance and reliability.