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A good bass player can have a huge impact on a band's sound and style, but in order for this happen, they need to be equipped with an amplifier that's built by experts who use only the finest parts and components. Of course, it's for this reason why Eden bass combo amps can be found so commonly on stages and in recording studios around the globe. From the very beginning in 1976, Eden's dedication to bass players of all genres and playing techniques was obvious in every amp they constructed. Today, the Eden name is championed by everyone from modern favorites like Good Charlotte's Paul Thomas to legends like Mike Rutherford of Genesis.

Eden provides more than enough killer combo bass amps for practicing, but if you want to showcase your talents on stage, Eden has a combo amp for you in that regard as well. Beginners, mind you, are better off starting with something smaller, and the EC8 20W 1x8 Solid State Bass Combo Amp is portable and easy to operate. Featuring an 8" Eden designed loudspeaker, a single tone control with Eden "Enhance" EQ sweep, and a jack socket for MP3 connection, this sweet-sounding amp is just what you need to kick start your bass playing journey.

As mentioned, Eden has excellent options for live performers too, and the EC210 180W 2x10 Solid State Bass Combo Amp is perfect for smaller-venue shows. Lightweight and loaded with user-friendly features, the EC210 consists of the staple tone controls you'd find on bass amps that cost twice as much, a custom tuned and ported cabinet, onboard compressor, built-in effects loop and more. When you're ready to make your live debut, the EC210 will certainly make your low-end groove cut through loud and clear.

It's really no wonder that Eden amps are so strongly favored by session musicians and bass virtuosos. The tone of these amps are unlike any other bass amplifier, and thanks to their exceptional line of combo amps, bass players of all budgets and aspirations can enjoy the professional sound quality that Eden is so renowned for amongst the greats.