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Behringer likes to refer to itself as a "kitchen-table startup," which is more than just an expression—Uli Behringer actually started out working from his kitchen table in 1989. After opening up a $1000 signal processor to realize that he could build the same thing for a tenth of the cost, his vision was set. Ever since then, Behringer has been working under the philosophy "double features at half the price," aiming to bring the best electronics to every musician. Today, Behringer makes a wide range of electronics, including a highly sought-after selection of bass effects pedals.
Well-suited to the stage and studio alike, Behringer's bass pedals offer the usual suspects like the BUF300 flanger and the BOD400 overdrive pedal—fundamental effects for any bassist. For a more global impact on your tone, you'll also want to check out the BLE 400 bass limiter enhancer and SE200 spectrum enhancer pedals, which can help you clean up the overall sound of your bass. Consider the BEQ700 equalizer pedal if you need to tame a room with runaway acoustics, or if you want to go wild with creativity, try out the many sounds of the BSY600 synthesizer.

Behringer also offers some more powerful effects units, like the BDI21 V-Tone Bass Driver. Packing a bass amp modeler, recording preamp and DI box into a compact stompbox body, this pedal can take you from vintage warmth to '60s funk or heavy metal distortion with ease. They've also got a pair of modeling preamps: the Behringer Bass V-AMP for hobby studios and experimentation, or the rack-mountable V-AMP PRO, which can simulate 32 distinct amplifiers, 23 classic speaker cabinets and 16 effects.

From kitchen table tinkering to great-sounding effects units for all, Behringer has come a long way since its 1989 debut. The company has never lost sight of Uli Behringer's original vision, and that shows today in their catalog of bass effects pedals that make great-sounding stompboxes accessible to any bassist.