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Digital audio technology really changed the face of how music is played and recorded, and one of the biggest impacts it had for bassists was a revolution in the effects unit as we knew it. Since their 1984 emergence, DigiTech has been thoroughly in-touch with musicians and the goal has always been to find the perfect way to make those technologies work for you. Today, more than 30 years after their debut, DigiTech bass pedals are still leading the way in digital effects.

Of all the units that DigiTech makes, they're probably most renowned for the Whammy Pedal. With a name like that, it probably needs no introduction to tell you what it does. The devil's in the details, though, and what really sets this effects pedal apart is the impressive range of features. For example, it has a MIDI input for expanded control options and comes with 21 different pitch settings. You can also take advantage of its two discrete tracking modes (Classic and Chord) to recreate the original Whammy's shift glitch effects or choose a clean, smooth pitch-shift for a more modern sound.

You'll find a great assortment of bass effects staples in the DigiTech lineup as well, such as the XBS Bass Squeeze Compressor, XBW Bass Synth Wah and XBC Bass Multi Chorus Pedals. Although they're straightforward effects units, they still offer plenty of control over your tone, so you can really fine-tune the sound of your bass. And if you're looking to add versatility to your pedalboard while simplifying it at the same time, you can't miss the DigiTech BP355 and BP90 Multi-Effects Pedals. Both of these pack an amazing amount of functionality into a single unit, including some really advanced modeling options on the BP90.

With DigiTech, you've got rock-solid proof that digital pedals can perform at the same level as their analog cousins. What's more, they do it with a huge amount of customizability and control over your tone. When you want to see how far you can take the sound of your bass guitar, a DigiTech bass effects pedal is a great choice.