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You have your bass, you have the skills, now you just need the effect pedals to take your sound to new heights. Electro-Harmonix, having been a top name in the effect pedals game for several decades now, is one of the most innovative manufacturers in the industry, helping advance bass effects to where they are today. From distortion to synth to filters and expanders, these pedals will completely change the way you play. Founded in 1968 by Mike Matthews, it only took a few years for artists all over the world to take notice of Electro-Harmonix's distinct effects. Using cutting-edge technology at the time, they pioneered some of the most unique effects in the market that have since become a standard when playing bass. Still heavy-hitters in the pedal market today, Electro-Harmonix continue to help bassists make the most out of every note they play.

With names as original as the pedals themselves, each one of these bass effects transforms your sound in a different way. Take the XO Bass Big Muff PI Distortion Effects Pedal for example. With a name you'll never forget, this pedal offers mountains of distortion and no low-end loss while you play. Also featuring dual outputs, multiple controls and a rugged metal chassis, this pedal was made to groove.

At the other end of the effect spectrum is the Nano Bassballs Envelope Filter Bass Effects Pedal. Creating a human vocal-like sound with two sweeping filters, this pedal gives you a powerful presence whether you're rockin' a bassline or moving to the front of the stage to burn through a solo. There are even synth pedals available, like the Bass MicroSynth Effects Pedal, which let you customize your sound from show to show. Featuring multiple slide controls and four independent mixable voices, this pedal gives you the sound of an early analog Moog synthesizer at the tap of your foot.

Electro-Harmonix bass effects pedals have earned their reputation with their big sound, high-end parts and continuous innovation. If there's a sound that bassists want, Electro-Harmonix is on it, making sure everyone remembers your performance when you take to the stage.