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The bass flute is known for providing the low end within the flute family. Distinctly shaped and sized, this instrument has been a favorite of composers such as Katherine Hoover, Ennio Morricone, and Sonny Burnett for a number of years. And now is the time to make it a favorite of yours as well. The bass flute is ranged from C3, one octave below middle C, to C6, two octaves above middle C. Due to its large size, its design includes a curved headjoint. This makes the bass flute easier for the player to use by reducing its weight and minimizing fatigue in the arms. There are also vertical basses available if fatigue becomes an issue, allowing you to play and rest the instrument between your legs. Once you become comfortable with the size of the instrument, there are other options to consider when making your purchasing decision. Most bass flute will include trill keys, which may be of interest to you. Trill keys are most commonly used for quickly alternating between two adjacent notes, but they also take on other roles, especially with the bass flute. They are important for alternate fingerings on your flute that can help stabilize certain notes and assist with intonation when you’re playing in the third octave. You may also want to check out a bass flute that includes a left thumb crutch, which can help with stabilizing the instrument while you’re playing. Some bass flutes include a large bore option that offers a deep, richer sound you may appreciate. The trade-off for this sound is that your instrument will be bigger, which in turn makes it heavier. If you are a more experienced or stronger player of the bass flute, this is definitely an option worth considering. It is important to strike the balance that works for you. The bass flute is definitely an impressive instrument that you’ll enjoy having in your repertoire. Whether you’re a novice or an experience flutist looking to expand your playing, the bass flute offers distinct tone and style that will be enjoyed on its own or as part of an ensemble.