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Any bassist can tell you that the type of strings you choose to play with can make just as big of an impact on your tone and sound as your pickups or any other element of your bass. There are a wide variety of string types available for your bass guitar, one of which is tapewound strings.

You're probably wondering what, exactly, are tapewound strings and what makes them so unique? Well, there are simple answers to both of those questions. Tapewound strings are craft-ed with a layer of nylon tape wrapped around their outer wire wraps. The resulting tone these strings produce is often characterized as very warm, or mellow. These strings are particularly ideal for fretless basses, as their nylon coating causes less wear and tear on your fingerboard. Best of all, tape wound strings tend to last longer than their counterparts. This is due to the tape covering acting as a barrier that prevents the metal from coming in contact with dirt and corro-sion. If these features sound appealing to you, then it's a safe bet that you're in the right place.

There are a few different types of tapewound strings available here, and no doubt you'll want to explore them all to find the ones that are a perfect match for your style. Your best bet is probably to start your search by looking at our top sellers, which, in this case, are the 9120 Nylon Tape-wound Bass Strings from Fender. These strings are designed to give you a sound that is remi-niscent of an upright bass. With a tone that will certainly be a compelling addition to your music, these are definitely strings that are worth trying out.

Another great option available here is the set of ETB92 Nylon Tapewound Medium Gauge Bass Strings from D'Addario. These medium gauge strings are highlighted by their smooth feel and vintage tone. Perfectly suited for fretted or fretless basses, these long-lasting strings will have you coming back again and again.

Regardless of the tapewound strings you choose, you're going to love the way they sound. Per-fect for those relaxed, smooth jams and recording sessions, any bassist who is focused on the groove is sure to love these strings.