Bass Pickup Covers & Parts

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When it comes to shaping your ideal bass sound, many factors need to be taken into consideration - including its construction and the type of woods used for its body and neck. But perhaps more than anything else, it's your pickups that will have the biggest impact on your bass's resulting tone. For this reason, you need to ensure your pickups are well protected, and thankfully there are more than enough bass pickup covers and parts available to get that job done. This catalog is chock-full of bass pickup covers for both Jazz and P Basses. In fact, you'll even come across cool accessories to enhance your bass's sustain.

Whether you're replacing your existing bass bridge cover or building a new bass from scratch, any one of these bass pickup covers and parts will boost the value of your instrument. Many of these covers happen to be top-rated items and best sellers, like the Fender P Bass Bridge Cover. Bridge covers were a common part found on many old basses, but as any collector of vintage gear will tell you, they often tend to be missing. If you're lucky enough to be in possession of a classic P Bass, then this high-quality chrome cover is the perfect solution to restoring its original appearance.

Or, if you're searching for a pickup cover for your Jazz Bass, Fender has you covered in that department too: the Original Jazz Bass Pickup covers features one cover each for your instrument's neck and bridge pickups. You'll even find bass pickup covers for Fender Original '57/'62 P Basses (one of the biggest sellers in this catalog).

After you choose a bass pickup cover, you might want to consider picking up the Fender Fatfinger Bass Sustain Enhancer as well. This easy-to-install part clamps right to your headstock (no tools needed). The result: more sustain and note-for-note response from any bass, electric or acoustic. Simply put, the Fatfinger Bass Sustain Enhancer is an affordable solution to improving your bass sound.

By linking the harmony and rhythm section of your group, your role as a bass player is an important one - so why wouldn't you do everything you can to protect and maintain that signature tone you've worked so hard on creating? With one of these bass pickup covers and parts, you can - so we'll leave the next move up to you.