Bass Trumpets

The trumpet is one of the most iconic, recognizable and enduring instruments in the long history of music. From the stirring solos crafted by musical legends like Dizzy Gillespie and Miles Davis, to the distinctive final strains of a symphony performance, the trumpet has been responsible for some of music’s most memorable and powerful sounds. Whether you’ve been playing the trumpet for years or are just starting out, it will provide you with a lifetime of enjoyment. Brass trumpets are notated in the treble clef and most are pitched in the highly popular Bb or occasionally C and E. Bb trumpets are pitched one octave lower than a standard soprano trumpet and are ideal for students and beginners as they are the most straightforward to learn. They are commonly seen in jazz bands, marching bands and orchestras due to their warm tone, bold brassy sound and outstanding intonation. Most musicians say the bass trumpet sounds very similar to a valve trombone.

All trumpets are made of brass but the finish varies. If you’re looking for a darker sound, a lacquer finish would be a good choice; silver-plating on the other hand tends to produce a slightly lighter tone. Finally, gold-plating is the rarest and is only available on professional, advanced instruments. Choosing the right material also depends on how you plan on using it and your skill level. A Bb trumpet with a lacquer or silver plated finish is ideal for many musicians. These types of trumpets are more lightweight so you can focus on proper technique and breathing. A more seasoned player may want to invest in a professional grade trumpet made with the most high-grade valves and equipment.

Purchasing a bass trumpet is a big investment and it’s important to find the right instrument to best highlight your talents and interests. The Bach B188 Stradivarius Bb Bass Trumpet is a great choice for anyone in an orchestra or marching band due to its clear resonation and projection. On the other hand, the clear bold sound of Cerveny CTR 591PX-O Bb Rotary Bass Trumpet would work well in a jazz band or brass choir.

There are few things that provide the same level of accomplishment as playing a musical instrument. Whether you’re surrounded by other brilliant musicians in a symphony ensemble, rocking out on a jazz stage or walking across a football field with your marching band, you’ll feel proud and secure knowing you’re making beautiful music with your bass trumpet.

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