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One of the most respected brand names in the heavy metal genre, B.C. Rich has been providing the most furious headbangers with visually distinctive axes since 1969, and their bass guitars are championed by players from around the world. In fact, B.C Rich basses have found their way into the hands of many well-known musicians, including Trivium's Paolo Gregoletto, and Dimmu Borgir's Vortex. With their killer looks and pulverizing tone, a B.C Rich bass is more than capable of making you stand out from the pack.

Within this section, you'll find an excellent range of 4- and 5-string basses from B.C. Rich. Of course, choosing the right one for you will come down to your own stylistic preferences, but any serious groover would be impressed with the Mockingbird Plus 5-String electric bass. Containing some of the most well-known features on the market today, the Mockingbird Plus has a mahogany body, bolt-on construction, and B.D.S.M P-style pickups to produce a rich and full sound. Another popular choice is the WMD Widow. With its quick-sounding P-style pickups, bold red pinstripes on a gloss onyx finish and angular body style, the WMD Widow is fun to play, has solid electronics, and it sounds as dangerous as it looks.

As mentioned, B.C. Rich is well-known for their body styles, but when it comes to their most recognizable shapes, the Warlock is certainly a top contender. Featuring a basswood body, 34-in. scale bolt-on maple neck, and a B.C Rich split-coil pickup, the Bronze Warlock bass is one of their biggest sellers for good reason. Whether you're hitting the live stage or heading to the recording studio, the Warlock bass will ensure your talents get noticed.

By providing the rhythmic and harmonic groundwork of a song, bass players know how significant their role is to a group's sound, which is why every player deserves to showcase their skills on a bass that's built as solid as the foundation they're laying down. With that in mind, you can bet that a B.C. Rich bass will provide you with countless years of low-end power, and keep your entire band firmly locked into the groove.