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Bold in their look and sound, Godin basses are unlike any other out there. That's because they focus all their efforts into every instrument they create. From electric to acoustic-electric models, their instruments are quickly becoming the standard against which all other basses are being compared. So if you're looking to upgrade your bass, you're definitely in the right section.

For electric enthusiasts, start with the top rated Shifter Electric Bass Guitar Vintage. Featuring three huge passive single coil soapbar pickups, a custom 5-way switch and a stunning basswood body, this bass guitar has an outstandingly smooth sound. And with the ability to customize the tone with the custom switch, it's as versatile as you need it to be.

If you're more interested in an acoustic model, turn your attention over to the A4 Ultra Natural SA Acoustic-Electric Bass Guitar. Gorgeously crafted of premium woods and featuring custom Godin saddle transducers and a custom preamp, along with multiple controls and a built-in low-profile pickup, it has a daring, adventurous tone you have to hear to believe. This bass was made for musicians that want to explore what their play is capable of.

As well, because all their basses come with a multi-year warranty, you'll have that added assurance as you go from show to show. Not only do these basses play well, they're also built to last.

Thinking outside of the parameters of what a conventional bass should be, the instruments found in this section are simply in a class all their own. Godin's goal has always been to produce the best guitars and basses possibly... a goal that they're constantly striving to hit. And with headlining artists like Jeff Tweedy of Wilco, Nine Inch Nails' Danny Lohner, Duncan Coutts of Our Lady Peace and so many others all strapping on a Godin bass when they get up to perform, some would say they've already achieved it.