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For some musicians, blending in with the rest of the band is completely fine. For others, being front and center is a must. If you fall into the latter category, you probably already know that in order to make an impression, you need an instrument that complements your wicked and wild personality. And what better way to add even more flair to your already stellar stage presence than with a gold bass. Whether you're a beginner who is look for an extra-special axe to hone their skills or a professional bassist who wants to add another beauty to their collection, you're in the right spot - this section is home to a wide variety of simply stunning gold basses.

The basses that grace these pages may have gold finishes - but that's pretty much the only thing they all have in common. All of these basses have different features that make them stand out and they're all more than worthy of your attention. Take for example, the Reverend Justice Electric Bass Guitar. An excellent choice for rockers who like to dig deep and play dirty, this bass is equipped with J-Rail pickups that give it more beef, more sustain and more raw power.

Maybe you're looking for a bass that's suited to slap style playing. If that's the case, make sure to check out the best-selling Ernie Ball Music Man StingRay 4-String Electric Bass Guitar. There's a reason this bass is so highly-rated by other bassists. Actually…there are quite a few! From its beautiful transparent gold maple fingerboard, to its superior truss-rod system, to its versatile playing style, it's pretty easy to see why the StringRay is a top pick among funkmasters worldwide.

From subtle splashes of high-shine lacquer to full-on glistening gold finishes, if you're looking for a golden bass, these instruments will not disappoint. When you think about it, your bass is an extension of your talent and who you are as a musician. And if you're an artist with an eye for style, a bassists who likes to be bold or a musician who simply has a penchant for the finer things in life the perfect gold bass is waiting here for you.