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Like guitar players, acoustic bassists who play in live environments need to be amplified if they want their skills to be heard loud and clear. That's when acoustic-electric basses come in handy, and many bass players agree that Gold Tone acoustic-electric basses are amongst the best on the market today. Since 1993, Gold Tone has been exceeding the expectations of folk and traditional musicians worldwide with their modern spins on vintage instrument designs, and their acoustic-electric basses are no exception.

Within this section, Gold Tone offers both 23" and 25" scale acoustic-electric basses in fretted and fretless designs, and naturally, the right one for you will depend on your own preferences. Fretless basses are often preferred for their wide array of smooth tones, especially when sliding between two notes. If this sounds appealing to you, check out the 25" Scale Fretless Acoustic-Electric MicroBass. With its extended scale length, dedicated synthetic strings and piezo transducer pickup, this bass guitar has incredible intonation, and it's loud enough to be enjoyed even if you're not plugged in. Additionally, the MicroBass25FL contains a built-in electronic tuner with mute function, and the sloped ergo-glide top makes it very comfortable to hold.

Of course, if you'd rather not make the jump to fretless just yet, Gold Tone's 23" and 25" fretted acoustic-electric basses also boast impressive characteristics and features. Like their other acoustic-electric basses, the fretted 23" Scale Acoustic-Electric MicroBass utilizes a piezo transducer pickup and an electronic tuner with mute function. This one in particular is also very portable thanks to its smaller scale length. Strong, consistent, and fun to play, the 23" MicroBass is just another example of why Gold Tone is so renowned amongst today's amateur and professional acoustic bass players.

And remember, Gold Tone has a 23" fretless bass and a 25" fretted bass available here as well, so be sure to explore the rest of their catalog. For acoustic bands and ensembles who want to add a little more oomph to their low-end, an acoustic-electric bass guitar is ideal, and like everything Gold Tone constructs, their models are very affordable, and built to last a lifetime.