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A bocal plays an incredibly important in making sure your bassoon sounds its best. In fact, the truth is that without it your bassoon won’t make any sound at all! A bassoon bocal includes a corked end that is inserted into your instrument, while the other end houses to double reed. It then helps to direct air from your mouth to produce the bassoon’s sound. With such a crucial role to play in the makeup of your instrument, you will be best served by researching to find out which one will be the best match for you and your bassoon. It may seem like a basic part of your bassoon, but different bocals can result in different sounds for your instrument. For example, the C Bassoon Bocal from Fox stresses resonance, providing a smooth tone for middle and upper middle partials. On the other hand, the CVX Bassoon Bocal, also from Fox, is known for its ease of response, especially in the upper register, making it a favorite among professionals. Further still, the Wilhelm Heckel Bassoon Bocals are renowned for their resonance and control. There is no real right or wrong choice for picking a bocal, but it is important to assess your skill level before purchasing. By making sure you choose one that is best suited to your playing style and needs, you’ll definitely get more enjoyment out of your bassoon. Whether you need a replacement for your bassoon, want an extra on hand just in case, or are starting a brand new journey with the instrument, a bocal is arguably the most crucial piece of the puzzle. Take some time and get to know your bassoon and find out which style will work best for you. That way, when the time comes to make your decision, you’ll have the knowledge required to make the right choice.