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Bb Single Horns

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B-flat single horns have a long tradition in orchestras and symphonic arrangements. These classic instruments are one of the original members of the brass family and are such a great way to begin your practice and progress toward learning everything there is to know about the world of brass. With some careful consideration, you can easily find the single horn that’s right for you. With three valves controlling the projection of the single horn, you have a great ability to perform precise notes and tones. B-flat horns have a legacy of being easy to play and offering the ability to play with extreme accuracy due to their smooth slide and valve setup. The limited range a single horn has available also makes it easier as you can focus in on providing the most accurate middle range possible.

The first thing you’ll want to consider when purchasing a B-flat single horn is the mouthpiece. Proper vibration is key when choosing your horn, which is why options like the Yamaha YHR-322II touts having a perfectly tapered mouth pipe so you get a perfect response. When you decide you want a more customized experience there are a range of options available.

Another consideration is the type of valves. Any air leakage will affect your overall sound so choosing an option with tapered valves can help ensure you always have a consistent tone. Sealed column valves are also useful for anyone looking for a looser, more relaxed tone from their B-flat single horn, while still protecting against air leakage.

Whether you’re looking to get going or wanting to take your practice a step further, B-flat single horns are great place to get started. The traditional tone these instruments offer can easily be incorporated in orchestral settings or just enjoyed in the comfort of your own home.