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Blacklights have been a mainstay in dance clubs and festivals around the world. Blacklight and UV lights can transform your stage and dance floor into a dreamscape. Most Blacklight and UV fixtures can even be controlled with IRC remote controllers, like the Chauvet DJ IRC-6 or the American DJ UC IR.

Blacklight, otherwise known as ultraviolet light, is barely visible to the human eye, and when shined on surfaces like clothing and furniture, a unique phenomenon called fluorescence can be observed; objects will begin to glow under blacklight. Blacklights feature a variety of bulbs, including fluorescent, incandescent, and LED.

Blacklights are impressive as standalone pieces, having the power to bring the dance floor to life through fluorescence, but are most impressive when used in conjunction with a full suite of lights, including Intelligent Lighting fixtures, Strobes, Lasers, and PAR Cans.

Browse our assortment of Blacklights, like the Chauvet DJ SlimSTRIP UV or the American DJ UV Canon for impressive Blacklight and UV solutions, for any size stage or dance floor.