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Whether you play the cello, double bass, viola or violin, you need to give careful thought to the bow you choose. After all, there are a multitude of bows on today's market, and for proof you don't need to look any further than this catalog. From brazilwood to fiberglass to carbon graphite, any type of stringed instrument bow you can imagine is sitting in these pages. In fact, companies like Otto Musica, Bellafina, Glasser and countless others are here, each offering top-rated and best-selling bows for musicians of all tastes and skill levels.

As you browse your many choices, you'll notice that bows are available in a variety of material types. Each material has its own unique advantages: brazilwood bows are typically the most affordable, and there are many terrific models here for student and intermediate players. Bellafina's premium series features high-quality yet generously priced brazilwood bows for the cello, violin and viola. Or, if you're a double bassist, check out their Select Brazilwood Bass Bow: made of Korean brazilwood and boasting genuine horsehair, this bow will satisfy any aspiring double bassist.

Fiberglass bows are also usually inexpensive, but their main advantage is durability. Glasser offers excellent fiberglass bows, including the Fiberglass Violin Bow with Wire Grip and the Fiberglass Bass Bow with Plastic Grip. Now, for those who really want to go all out on a first-class bow, you owe it to yourself to check out the many carbon graphite bows and Pernambuco bows here. Models like the Arcolla Carbon Fiber Cello Bow and The Londoner Bows Three Start Violin Bow are made with the discerning professional in mind, and it's obvious from the moment you begin making beautiful music with each of them.

And remember, this is only a sample of the many bows that await you here, so your best bet is to jump into this section and explore each option with your own eyes. As you gain more experience with your instrument, you'll naturally start to recognize more differences between bows. With that being said, the general consensus is that a good bow should be not too light or heavy and a perfect balance so that it feels like an extension of your own arm. Just take your instrument of choice, playing style and budget into consideration, and the right bow for you will be found in no time.