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In order for your brass instrument to provide countless years of playing enjoyment, it needs to be taken care of when it's not in use. Of course, one of the easiest ways to maintain your instrument's quality is to store it in a solidly-built case, and for that, SKB has you covered. Founded in 1977, it didn't take long before SKB was a leader in the design and construction of accessories for a wide range of brass instruments, and this section has plenty of examples. Whether you're a band student in high school or the member of a professional orchestra, SKB's line of brass instrument accessories includes something for everyone.

So what is your brass instrument of choice? Whatever you play, you can bet that SKB has a case waiting for you in this section. If you're a trombonist, then take a look at the SKB-462 Pro Universal. Ideal for tenor trombones with or without an f-attachment, this case can easily fit large-bore tenors with a 9" bell. Plus, this trombone case is very lightweight, making transportation to and from performances and practices an effortless endeavor.

Or, maybe you're in need of a new strap for your brass instrument case... if so, then check out the SKB-191. Adjustable to 53" in length, this shoulder strap is perfect for musicians who have to travel to rehearsals or performances by foot. After all, when you're on stage doing what you do best, the last thing you want to feel is tired or strained, and the SKB-191 Case Strap is an excellent solution to ensuring you arrive at your gig comfortably.

Brass instruments not only play smoother when they're looked after, but sound better as well. For this reason, it only makes sense to own a case for your beloved apparatus. Keeping this in mind, just remember that SKB's put an exceptional amount of effort into each of their accessories. In fact, their cases are vacuum, rotational, or injection molded with polymer, so you can take comfort in knowing that your brass instrument is in tip-top shape when it's out of your hands.