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Brass Mouthpiece Truing Tools

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Every part of your brass instrument deserves care and attention, but there is no part for which that's more important than the mouthpiece. After all, this is the part with the crucial job of generating the "buzz" on which the instrument's tone is based (together with your lips, of course). You might be thinking "sure, but what can happen to a mouthpiece?", which is an easy question to ask until something does happen - which is why brass mouthpiece truing tools are great accessories to have on hand in case the need does arise. While the cup of a mouthpiece is pretty solid, the shaft is a little more fragile, and that's where these tools come into the picture.

To get a sense for how brass mouthpiece truing tools work, all you have to do is take a look at one. So go ahead and check out an example - how about the DEG Mouthpiece Trueing Tool? You'll see that it looks kind of like a stretched-out rounded cone, and its job is to straighten the mouthpiece shaft. If you drop your mouthpiece and put a dent in it, or if (heaven forbid) it gets stepped on and goes crooked, a simple twist of this tool is all it takes to straighten things back out. With careful use, it's the perfect way to insure your mouthpiece against those little accidents in life, not to mention restoring battered old mouthpieces to playing condition.

DEG's tool fits all brass instruments, from French horn to tuba and everywhere in between - and it's a lot more affordable than a replacement mouthpiece! It's a perfect example of the simple but effective design of brass mouthpiece truing tools, not to mention a brass player's best friend in the event that something should happen to his or her mouthpiece. Don't be caught unprepared! With this or any other brass mouthpiece truing tool you find here, you'll be ready for any fate that might befall your favorite mouthpiece.