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You can have the best mics, amps, and instruments that money can buy. But the cables and snakes you're using also play an important role in achieving your desired sound. For this reason, it only makes sense to use the best cables and snakes built by industry experts... and American Record Technologies cables and snakes have more than what it takes to keep everything running smoothly.

Since 1977, American Recorder Technologies have been providing innovative solutions to all kinds of setups and connections. As any experienced engineer will tell you, nothing is more satisfying than finishing up a job without any technical issues occurring throughout the performance. And rest assured, American Recorder Technologies cables and snakes can be found on stages and studios around the world thanks to their long lasting quality and durability.

For a well-made and durable adapter, American Recorder Technologies 1/4'' Female to 1/4'' Female Mono Adapter easily attaches to a 1/4'' male mono cable, and is extremely functional and easy to use. Another top seller is the 1/4'' Male Mono to RCA Female Adapter. These are perfect for plugging an MP3 player into a stereo channel if you wish to play recorded music before a performance. And just like every adapter constructed by American Recorder Technologies, it's made strong and built to last.

American Recorder Technologies also offer fantastic cable and snake accessories. For example, the Regrip Resusable Cable Straps are both handy and perfect for temporary wire and cable bundling, and their spring-loaded ergonomic wire strippers have comfortable plastic grips and easily strip wire from 10 to 20 AWG.

Throughout their massive catalog, you'll see quickly just how highly rated American Recorder cables and snakes are. From adapters to state-of-the-art wire bundling and protection systems, American Record Technologies has everything you need to stay connected... so you can continue doing what you do best minus any technical setbacks.