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There you are, on stage, with the crowd in the palm of your hand. Every note you hit is played flawlessly, your amp has never sounded so crisp and clear, and the audience, as well as the sound engineers, can't stop smiling. It's easy to have an experience like this when you invest in some first-rate cables and snakes. After all, staying connected to your audience starts with staying connected to your equipment... and since 1997, Evidence Audio has been providing musicians and audio engineers with the finest musical instrument and studio cables at a more than affordable price.

The dedicated and experienced audio professionals at Evidence Audio are tirelessly working to improve the quality of sound as it moves through electronics. From speaking cables to instrument patchcords, Evidence Audio is consistently used by the world's top engineers and performers thanks to their top exceptional design and craftsmanship.

One of Evidence Audio's biggest sellers is the Siren ll Speaker cable. Containing IGL and solid core primary conductors, this cable is capable of giving you open and extended midrange and high frequencies, minus any glare or etching. Another top rated item is the Evidence Audio Lyric HG Straight to Straight TRS to TRS cable. The result of 20 years of research, this new generation of cables is a refinement of the original Lyric cable, delivering better resolving ability with an even greater harmonic detail and articulation.

Far too often, cable quality is overlooked in favor of the instruments and amplifiers themselves. However, the cables and snakes you're connected with are just as essential to your performance as the gear you're playing on. When you're on stage doing what you do best, nothing should hold you back, let alone an inferior patch cable or snake. So whether you're performing live or laying down tracks in the studio, just remember that improving your performance is easy when you go with Evidence Audio cables and snakes.