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ESP Cases for Solid Body Electric Guitars

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You don't have to be a touring musician to know that a sturdy, well-built guitar case is essential to the long lasting quality of your axe. Whether you're traveling in a van across the country or traveling across the road to a rehearsal, you can be sure that your guitar gets maximum protection by storing it safely in a durable, hard shell case. And for that, you don't need to look any further than ESP solid body electric guitar cases.

ESP has been in the business of guitars since 1975. Through rigorous testing and careful craftsmanship, ESP has earned a reputation for manufacturing some of the best instruments and instrument accessories on the globe, and their hard-shell cases for solid body electric guitars are no exception.

A top rated choice is the ESP LTD EC guitar case. Complete with a durable black Tolex covering, heavy-duty hardware, a soft padded interior, and an accessory compartment, this superbly designed case fits all ESP and ESP LTD-shaped electric guitars, including all EC series ESP guitars. For something totally unique and eye-catching, the ESP Tombstone case is designed for all ESP LTD M, MH, H 6- or 7-string guitars. Using a high-resolution digital reproduction for its graphics to resemble an actual tombstone, this case is an exceptional way to keep your instrument resting in peace, rather than in pieces.

For guitarists on the go, your instrument can find itself in many vulnerable situations, which is why your guitar needs to be safety blocked from any kind of danger. After all, you can only perform at your best when the instrument you're playing on is functioning at its best. Just remember that ESP hard-shell cases have been consistently championed as some of the strong guitar cases on the market... which makes sense considering that every ESP case is made with superb attention to detail and constructed with only the finest woods and materials.