Gator Cases for Solid Body Electric Guitars

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For guitar players on the move, you can't underestimate the importance of a strong and sturdy hard shell case for your instrument. Your electric guitar is a big investment, and to ensure it provides you with many years of musical enjoyment, you need to keep it protected from anything thrown in its away. These days, there are a wide variety of guitar cases to choose from, but when it comes to durability and careful craftsmanship, you can always count on Gator.

Like everything manufactured by Gator, their hard-shell cases for solid body electric guitars are constructed with only the best materials and woods by musicians who understand the importance of keeping your axe in perfect shape. After all, when your guitar is operating at its best, so are you... and Gator electric guitar cases have a wide variety of options to choose from, all designed with your instrument's protection in mind.

For a road-ready hard-shell case that won't break the bank, the Gator GWE-Elec Hard-shell Guitar Case consists of a rugged 3-ply Luan wood construction, metal feet on the sides and bottom, and a plush padded interior with accessory compartment. Overall this case is well-built, looks great and is extremely easy to carry. Another top seller is the Gator GW-LPS Traditional Les Paul guitar case. Featuring a plush magenta lining and a fabric cover for superior protection, your prized Les Paul can travel in style and comfort with this exceptionally made compact hard shell case.

Whether you're on the way to practice or on the way to a gig, a reliable hard-shell guitar case is crucial to your instruments well-being, from how it looks to how it sounds. Your axe needs to be properly looked after, which is why it only makes sense to go with a case that's manufactured with care, and passion for the instrument its sheltering. In other words, it only makes sense go with a hard-shell electric guitar case from Gator.