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Cases, gig bags, and covers are essential accessories for any musician to own. Of course, so much effort is put into the design of every Ovation instrument, it only makes sense that their cases and gig bags would also be constructed with careful attention to detail. Throughout this section, you'll discover a wide range of cases and gig bags for Ovation guitars, basses, and mandolins, so you can take comfort in knowing that your Ovation instrument is safely guarded when it's not being performed on.

They might not be in the spotlight during an actual performance, but cases and gig bags play a significant role in the well-being of your axe. For this reason, every Ovation case or gig bag is durable and features a softly-padded interior. For a perfect example of Ovation's line of hard-shell cases, check out the Deluxe Molded Case for Super Shallow Body Guitars. Made specifically for Ovation's shallow-bowl models, this case contains aluminum valances, plush lining, and a pocket for additional accessories. While you're at it, take a look at the Super Shallow Zero Gravity Acoustic Guitar Case as well. A top seller, this case has a rugged nylon exterior with a tough foam core, and backpack-style straps for easy transportation. Whether you're on your way to guitar lessons or already an experienced veteran of the scene, either one of these guitar cases would make an excellent choice.

As mentioned, Ovation also offers mandolin cases, and the 9157-0 Mandolin Case is a real beauty. Owners of Ovation mandolins are well aware of how high in quality this hard-shell case is. After all, it's the only case available to fit Ovation mandolins, and you can bet that it's as solidly-built as everything else in Ovation's impressive catalog of cases and gig bags.

As you can see, Ovation's line of cases and gig bags covers each and every one of their unique stringed instruments. Whatever you choose, just remember that Ovation takes pride in everything they manufacture, so you can bet that your case or gig bag will provide your Ovation guitar, bass, or mandolin with more than enough protection for countless years to come.