Cello Endpin Rests

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It only takes one look at a cello to know that it's a big instrument, and within the first day of playing it, one thing becomes obvious above all else: that can make it a bit of a challenge to handle! Fortunately, it's a challenge that can be solved easily enough with a little practice and the right accessories to keep the cello under control. Practice is up to you, of course, but when it comes to accessories, this selection of cello endpin rests and gear is ready to help. They'll prevent your instrument from slipping and sliding around, which means it will stay nice and steady while you play - and when you're practicing at home, they'll give you the added benefit of saving your floor from wear and tear.

There are two main types of endpin rests to choose from: tethered anchors and basic rests. The tethered models, including the Xeros Cello Endpin Anchor and the Otto Musica Artino Pin Stopper, have an adjustable strap that attaches to the leg of your chair to put an effective leash on your endpin. Rests without tethers, like the Dycem Black Hole Endpin Holder, Rockstop Cello Endpin Rest and Super Sensitive Stoppin Endpin Floor Protector, use wide shapes and high-friction bases instead, and they're good choices if you have to move your endpin rest frequently, or if you sit on a chair that the anchored tethers won't fit.

For maximum flexibility, you might decide not to use a traditional endpin rest at all. Instead, you could go with the Wolf Super Endpin Rest for Cello. Instead of being an anchor on the floor, this rest is a grippy rubber ball that attaches to the endpin itself. It will keep your cello steady on virtually any surface, reducing the time it takes to set up your cello for play and eliminating those awkward moments when you realize you forgot to bring your floor anchor with you.

All these examples are only a few highlights from what the lineup of cello endpin rests has to offer, and you'll also find other equipment here such as replacement standard rubber tips and cello pads that help the instrument fit more comfortably against your leg. If you're looking to make your cello easier to handle and play, you've definitely come to the right place - it's not a stretch to say that every cellist should have a few endpin rests and anchors in their collection.