Channel Strip Software

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It's amazing to think that at one period in time, recording professionally required the use of a massive hardware mixer that contained a myriad of vertically oriented channels known as "strips". These channel strips featured essential controls like pan knobs and faders alongside EQ features and dynamics like gating and compression. Today, digital audio workstations are the go-to choice for most professional audio engineers, and channel strip software is designed to bring the versatility and power of hardware mixers to your virtual recording studio. A wide range of channel strip software is available on today's market from leading pro audio companies like Cakewalk, Eventide, Focusrite and many others. If you're not sure what channel strip software is right for you, your best bet is to start with the top sellers. There are many here, including the Slate Digital Virtual Console Collection Software Download. This download features two plug-ins (Virtual Channel and Virtual Mixbuss), each of which allow you to choose from one of five classic analog mixing consoles. With this software, you'll have no problem adding depth, width and tone to your recordings. Another popular channel strip software option comes courtesy of iZotope. Providing you with key dynamics and sound-shaping effects in an easy-to-use configurable interface, the iZotope Alloy 2 Signal Processing Software gives you amazing sound quality, vintage emulation balanced with digital precision, time-saving presets and much more. The 6 tools included in this system are: Equalizer, Dynamics, Exciter, De-Esser, Transient Shaper and Limiter. All of these essential weapons in one plug-in make the Alloy an absolute must-have for any music producer who is determined to make a name for themselves. By enhancing the input signals during the recording and mixing process, channel strip software can do wonders for the sound quality of your recordings. You already have the production skills to make your unique musical ideas come to life in the studio - all you need now is the right DAW software to ensure it comes to life exactly how you imagined. Of course, that most definitely includes channel strip software - and for that, you've definitely come to the right place.