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There are many reasons a clarinetist may choose to swap out the barrel on their instrument. Perhaps the factory-issue barrel just isn't cutting it or your clarinet barrel sustained some damage and needs to be replaced. Maybe you want to experiment with the sound produced by barrels made from different materials. Whatever your reason for wanting a new clarinet barrel, you're going to find what you're looking for in this section. With barrels from companies like Clark W Forbes, Buffet Crampon and more, finding a top-quality option that's within your budget will be a piece of cake.

Not sure where to begin browsing? A great place to start is with clarinet barrels that are labelled best sellers. While the right clarinet barrel for you will ultimately come down to your personal preferences and needs as a musician, checking out the top sellers will give you an insight into what other clarinetists consider to be the best of the best. Take for example, Buffet Crampon's Moennig Clarinet Barrels. The unique hourglass-shaped bore and Grenadilla wood construction of the Moennig clarinet barrel allows for crisp, clean intonation and improved tonal focus. Available for both A and Bb trumpets, these barrels go a long way in shaping the tone produced by your clarinet.

Is more power while playing your end game? You might want to consider a barrel like The Doctor's Products Power Barrels. They're designed to increase the perceived sound power of your clarinet by an impressive 12-15 dB and feature a matched bore taper that's extremely free-blowing yet focused and controlled. If you're a musician that frequently plays outdoor shows where background noise is an annoying interference, this is the clarinet barrel for you.

The barrel may be one of the smallest pieces on your clarinet, but it definitely plays a big role your instrument's sound and intonation. If you can't quite find the sound you want, consider switching the barrel on your clarinet. Each option here has different advantages and sound options, so trying out a few may be the ideal way to determine which is going work best for you!