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Choosing a reed is as personal as choosing a clarinet. Nobody can do it for you, and only you know what feels right. From strength to material and shape, there are lots of choices to make. So when it comes to choosing a brand, why not go with the one known to be the world's most consistent? Crafted using the most precise, reed blanking machine in the business, Rico is the brand of choice for many clarinet students, prestigious symphonies, conservatories and professional musicians worldwide.

No matter your skill level, Rico has a line of reeds to help you achieve your desired sound. For students and jazz musicians looking for easy vibration, the Rico Bb Clarinet Reeds are a solid option. They have a thinner profile and blank, but unfiled shoulders, making them a versatile option. They're also available in half strengths for gradual resistance building.

If you're trying to achieve the warmest, most transparent tone with consistent dynamics, it's hard to beat the Rico Grand Concert Select Thick Blank Bb Clarinet Reeds. These reeds are filed for faster vibration with a traditional tip and thicker spine for articulation. And they're crafted from cane cut closer to the bark for added brilliance.

Do you need to be ready for outdoor performance as well? If so, the Rico Plasticover Bb Clarinet Reeds are for you. These hybrid reeds are crafted from natural cane that's been thinly coated in plastic, so they offer the quality of cane with the consistency and durability of a synthetic reed. They're resistant to humidity, meaning they perform equally well outdoors in the hot, dry sun and on wet days.

It's important to keep in mind that not all clarinet mouthpieces and musicians are the same, so what works for your teacher or favorite jazz player isn't necessarily the solution for you. When choosing your reeds, the best way to find out what you like is by trying as many different ones as possible. And with Rico's huge selection of clarinet reeds, you'll be experimenting and discovering new tones for quite some time.