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From a military bandmaster background, Selmer Paris was founded in the late 1800s and has remained one of the most revered names in woodwind instruments to this day due in no small part to their exceptional quality. Still family owned, Selmer Paris' main goal is to give their musicians the absolute best... a goal many would agree they've already reached. As you browse through this section, take your time exploring all the options available to you. Each offers something distinct and different, and each brings something special to the stage or studio.

So what are you looking for in a professionally crafted clarinet? From bass and contrabass, to alto, recital and signature models, the catalog here covers the best of what Selmer Paris has to offer. For a dark, warm sound, start your search with the Selmer Paris Recital Model Bb Clarinet. Featuring a gorgeous grenadilla wood body, a highly tapered bore design and an optional resonance key for a clearer low F, this clarinet has a luxurious tone and a smooth action. It's the perfect upgrade to your current instrument.

If you're here for something truly spectacular, turn your attention over to the Selmer Paris Model 41 Contrabass Clarinet. With a rich, full tone and an outstanding projection, this clarinet also features a full rosewood body for enhanced warmth, as well as a silver-plated neck, bell and keys for a refined finish. It looks and sounds simply stunning.

Equally impressive is the list of musicians that perform with a Selmer Paris clarinet. Internationally renowned Philippe Berrod, principal clarinetist of the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra Stephen Williamson, the late "King of Swing" Benny Goodman and so many other brilliant musicians all use or have used a Selmer Paris clarinet. They have proven that when you want to play like the best, you need the best instrument possible. And for that, you need a Selmer Paris clarinet.