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Easy on the hands, beautifully-crafted, and renowned for their mellow nylon-string tone, classical guitars are among the most dignified members of the string family, and Epiphone's classical guitar is a true work of art. Like every musical instrument constructed by Epiphone, this classical guitar has been brought to life through a passion for the music you create with it. Whether you're an experienced concert soloist or a student who's still in the learning stages, Epiphone has an ideal nylon-stringed guitar waiting for you in this section.

Owning a classical guitar that combines exceptional sound quality and smooth playability shouldn't have to mean paying an arm and a leg, and thanks to Epiphone, it doesn't. In fact, Epiphone has a reputation for providing musicians with solidly-built instruments at a price that won't break the bank, and this includes their nylon-stringed classical guitars.

For an excellent example of Epiphone's dedication to your playing enjoyment, take a closer look at the stunning Pro-1 Classic. Designed by professionals to be simple to play, this guitar delivers a rich, vibrant sound and also includes many innovative features that make it optimal for beginner guitarists. For instance, the new EZ-Profile neck makes chords easier to form, and the ultra-light strings allow for an effortless performance. Overall, the PRO-1 Classic is just another reason why Epiphone has remained a leader in instrument manufacturing since 1873.

As every experienced guitarist knows, becoming an incredible performer takes time and practice. With that saying, playing music should never feel like work. After all, music is supposed to be fun over anything else, and that belief is what makes Epiphone such a highly respected name. Regardless of your age, tastes or skill level, an Epiphone classical guitar is perfect for anyone who has a yearning to share their music with the world.