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Small workshops staffed by passionate luthiers have created some of the world's finest guitars, and La Patrie is no exception. Tracing its roots back to a tiny store in the Quebec village of the same name, La Patrie is now part of the Godin Guitars family and that's gotten them the far-reaching exposure they definitely deserve. La Patrie is committed to making classical and nylon guitars built from the best materials available, which is why they use carefully-selected cedar with a breathable finish that allows the wood to naturally age. The result is a guitar that actually improves in sound the longer you own and play it. There are quite a few instrument series to choose from in the La Patrie lineup, which means there's something here for every artist. Some of their most popular guitars are the Etude models: that translates to "study," which certainly fits since these instruments are aimed at students and intermediate players. They're recognizable by their wild cherry wood backs and sides, mahogany necks and rosewood fingerboards, which give them beautiful looks to back up their rich, dynamic sound.

If you like the idea of an instrument with a classical feel but modern playability, take a look at the La Patrie Hybrid CW. This nylon-stringed acoustic-electric guitar has a more contemporary fingerboard that lets you play faster and nimbler than a typical classical guitar. On top of that, it uses a cutaway body design so you can have unlimited access to every last fret.

Another group of guitars that can't be missed are the Collection series. These are built by La Patrie's top craftsmen, and they're designed from top to bottom for discerning professionals. The use of solid rosewood for the backs and sides gives these guitars amazing resonance and warmth. The Collection instruments also have an elegant, low-profile neck compared to other nylon-stringed guitars, so they're extremely comfortable in the hand.

La Patrie is focused squarely on classical and nylon guitars, and they're really on to something there. By approaching their instruments from a specialist mindset, they can keep their quality up and perfect all the little details, from intricate rosettes and cream bindings to high-end finishes and, of course, top-tier sound