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About Cleartone:

When it comes to instrument strings that last long, deliver loads of volume, and boast magnificent clarity, experienced players agree that Cleartone is in a class of their own. By treating their product, Cleartone strings have been scientifically proven to be 36% louder than coated strings from other top brands. For this reason, it's really no wonder they've grown to become one of the most respected string brands on the globe. In fact, Cleartone treated strings have even earned praise from many top-recording artists, including Atreyu, Fall Out Boy, Garth Brooks, and Thee Oh Sees.

Whether you play the guitar, bass, or mandolin, Cleartone has a treated string set for every taste and playing style. For example, if you're a shredder who likes to play heavy and hard, then the Monster Heavy Series Nickel-Plated Drop C# Electric Guitar Strings is the answer for you. Made specifically for guitarists who play in drop C# tuning, this set features heavier gauge strings for that extra level of tension you need. Containing a thin one micron coating and the EMP Treatment (Enhanced Molecular Protection), the long tonal life that Cleartone is so renowned for is more than represented in this set.

For bass players, you'll definitely want to check out the Coated Medium Electric Bass Guitar Strings. Boasting a silky feel and remarkable tone, these are made of nickel-plated steel over a hex core, and like the guitar strings mentioned above, they've also been given the EMP treatment to protect them from corrosion. Additionally, this set contains the thinnest coating ever applied to a bass string, yet they still manage to withstand the hardest of strums.

Of course, Cleartone's treated string catalog goes well beyond these two killer options, and exploring each of your choices is an excellent way to think about how you'd like to sound the next time you strap on your axe. After all, trying out different gauges will only make you a more versatile player, and when you go with a proven leader in string manufacturing like Cleartone, you can bet that any decision you make will be a great one.