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Few brands have the levels of fan support that Fender does. Like legions of supporters who follow their favorite bands around the country, these fans are proud to show off their obsession with all things Fender - which is why they’re going to love the collectibles available here. With perfect options for everyone, from the casual music fan to the truly hardcore, a great Fender collectable can be an awesome gift or a great way to treat yourself to something special. A quick look at the variety of collectibles here will prove that there is something for everybody, so you’ll have no trouble finding what you’ve got in mind. For example, check out the wide assortment of stickers available in this section. Whether you want a single sticker like one sporting the Fender Spaghetti Logo, or a package, like the five pack of '46 Die-Cut Stickers or the six pack of I Love Fender Die-Cut Stickers, you’re definitely going to think these options rock. Stick one on your guitar, or on your amp, or on your songbook, hey, stick them where ever you want! Rock and roll knows no boundaries.

If you’re looking for decorations for your jam space, there’s plenty to choose from here as well. From tin signs to hang on your wall, to miniature guitar figurines, you can definitely surround yourself with all things Fender every time you pick up your guitar or bass. And if after your jam you want to relax with some games, there’s the Top Hat Cue Rack for your pool room, as well as Custom Guitar Shop Playing Cards for that poker tournament with your bandmates.

And that’s only scratching the surface! Just like their iconic guitars, there’s a Fender collectable for absolutely everyone. From patches, to magnets, to lunch boxes, Fender makes a complete line of collectables that will delight music fans of all ages.