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The best equipment in the music industry always comes from those with the most passion for their craft. That's why the origins of world-class amps can often be traced back to a shed or a backroom workshop - or, in ENGL's case, a basement in Germany. Growing from a basement operation to one of the foremost builders of guitar amplifiers, ENGL has found a following in dozens of the planet's best guitarists. That list of ENGL users includes Paul Stanley, Richie Faulkner, Alexi Laiho, Chris Broderick, Tony Spinner, Michael Romeo and tons of others. It didn't take long for ENGL to start catching the eyes of musicians after their 1984 introduction of the first-ever programmable tube amplifier. Ever since then, they've continued to push the technical envelope with all kinds of amps, including their outstanding selection of combo guitar amplifiers.

Whatever size of combo amp you're looking for, ENGL has something to offer. For masterful studio recordings or blowing away your bandmates at rehearsal, check out the GigMaster 310. It's a 15W combo amp with a single 10" driver and foot-switchable channels and boost, driven by an ECC 83 preamp tube and a pair of EL84 power tubes. On the other hand, if you want enough juice to fill a big venue, consider the Raider 100 E 344 or one of the Sovereign amps. These 100W powerhouses can compete with a lot of the speaker stacks you could name, but with the convenience and portability of a combo amp. With the Sovereign series, ENGL also thoughtfully gives you a choice between 1x12 or 2x12 speaker configurations.

Maybe 100W is a bit of overkill for your needs? No sweat - ENGL has a well-stocked midrange, from the 30W Gigmaster 30 to a host of 50W options: the Retro 50, Screamer, Classic and Thunder Drive. Most of those 50W amps use a single 12" speaker, but dual-driver aficionados can focus on the Classic, which is a 2x10 setup.

Whatever you choose, you won't go wrong as long as you make your choice carefully. Every ENGL combo amp is a high-end piece of gear with unbelievable sound; it's just a matter of picking out the one that's perfect for you. It's as important a decision as your guitar itself - and every bit as exciting.