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The market for 2-channel combo guitar amplifiers is a massive one, which is why it only makes sense to stick with a brand that has proven time and again to be reliable. Peavey is obviously one of those brands; founded in 1965, Peavey's reputation in the music world has only grown stronger since. In fact, Peavey 2-channel combo guitar amplifiers cover both solid state and tube designs and there are even models available for acoustic performers. Whether you're a metalhead, classic rocker or rising singer-songwriter, Peavey has a 2-channel combo guitar amplifier that will make your skills shine.

Speaking of 2-channel acoustic combo amps, Peavey offers two best sellers in this section; need a suggestion? Check out the Ecoustic E208 30W 2x8 Acoustic Combo Amp. Featuring separate level controls on each channel, built-in analog chorus and reverb and even a headphone output, this compact amp is perfect for rehearsing and even studio recording.

Now for all you electric guitarists, you'll be sure to find a solid state amp here that makes practices and gigs more enjoyable. For honing your chops in the rehearsal room, the Backstage 10W Guitar Combo Amp is the perfect answer. Boasting a 6" heavy-duty speaker, switchable TransTube overdrive and all the tone controls you need, the Backstage is a popular seller for obvious reasons.

As for solid state performance amps, feast your eyes on the Bandit 112 Guitar Amplifier with TransTube Technology. Many guitarists agree that this is one of the hottest little combo amps in its price range; it has vintage/classic/warm switches on the clean channels and a classic/modern high gain switch on the lead channel. Simply put, it's no wonder why the Bandit 112 is such a hit with guitarists spanning countless genres.

As you can clearly see, Peavey has mastered the art of the 2-channel combo guitar amplifier. While you're at it, be sure to browse their jaw-dropping selection of 2-channel tube amps as well. Models like the 6505+ 1x12, the ValveKing II 50 and Delta Blues 30W are favored by professional strummers and shredders around the globe and they can all be found on this page. Rest assured, when you're plugged into one of these Peavey 2-channel combo guitar amplifiers, you'll have a hard time clicking the "off" switch.