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Every guitarist deserves a combo amplifier that's versatile, pristine in sound, and more than capable of highlighting their strongest playing traits. Of course, VHT offers an impressive lineup of boutique-style all-tube amplifiers at a price that won't break your bank. From compact practice amps to 1x12 powerhouses, VHT has something for anyone who appreciates vintage tone, and it's for this reason why their combo guitar amps can be found in music venues and recording studios all over the world.

Hand-wired and mod-friendly, VHT's classic tones are carefully studied by players who are just as passionate about performing as you are, and it shows in every combo guitar amp in their catalog. Take for example, the Special 6 Ultra 6W 1x12. With its unique depth control, tube-driven effects loop and additional preamp stage, the Special 6 Ultra combo amp is loaded with bone-crushing overdrive to make your leads soar. Plus, its "variable watts" control option allows you to reduce your volume to practice levels while still maintaining the same crunch and grind that makes this combo amp so killer to begin with.

Or, maybe you're after something a little larger in size. For that, check out the Special 12/20 1x12. Featuring selectable power ranges, this pedal-friendly combo is designed to excel with multi-effect units, and it also contains VHT's signature depth and texture controls to give you a wide range of dynamics. Overall, the Special 12/20 1x12 combo amp blends amazingly well with a variety of instruments and playing styles.

When it comes to understanding what makes a guitar amplifier special, the professionals know how important it is to look to the past, as well as to the future. In fact, this is why tube-powered amps are still popular today, and you can bet that VHT's line of state-of-the-art tube combo amps are considered to be amongst the best.