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Omnidirectional Small Diaphragm Condenser Microphones

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Results & Compare List:
  1. 48-Month Financing**
    dbx RTA-M Reference Microphone for DriveRack PA
    Product Price $99.95
  2. 48-Month Financing**
    Crown PZM30D Boundary Microphone
    Crown PZM30D Boundary Microphone
    Product Price $399.00
  3. 48-Month Financing**
    DPA Microphones d:fine CORE 6066 Omni Headset Mic, Beige, MicroDot
    Product Price $859.95
    Or $18/month for 48 months
  4. 48-Month Financing**
    Behringer C-3 Condenser Mic
    Behringer C-3 Condenser Mic
    Product Price $78.00
  5. 48-Month Financing**
    Warm Audio WA-84 Premium Stereo Package - Cardioid & Omni Capsules
    Product Price $899.00
    Or $19/month for 48 months
  6. 48-Month Financing**
    Audio-Technica U857QU UniPoint UniLine Condenser Quick Mount Gooseneck Microphone
    Product Price $289.00
  7. 48-Month Financing**
    Audio-Technica U853RU UniPoint UniLine Condenser Hanging Microphone
    Product Price $279.00
    Open Box:
  8. 48-Month Financing**
    Earthworks M50 Measurement Microphone
    Product Price $1,299.00
    Or $28/month for 48 months
  9. 48-Month Financing**
    Shure VP64AL Omnidirectional Handheld Microphone
    Product Price $91.25
  10. 48-Month Financing**
    Shure Beta 181/O Instrument Mic
    Shure Beta 181/O Instrument Mic
    Product Price $499.00
    Or $11/month for 48 months
  11. 48-Month Financing**
    Shure VP64A Omnidirectional Handheld Microphone
    Product Price $78.75
  12. 48-Month Financing**
    Shure MX393/O Low Profile Boundary Mic
    Shure MX393/O Low Profile Boundary Mic
    Product Price $242.00
  13. 48-Month Financing**
    Behringer ECM8000 Microphone
    Behringer ECM8000 Microphone
    Product Price $68.00
  14. 48-Month Financing**
    PreSonus PreSonus Precision Reference Omni Directional Condensor Microphone
    Product Price $99.95
  15. 48-Month Financing**
    DPA Microphones VIDMK-HYB1 d:vice Digital Audio Kit with d:screet 4060 Lavalier and d:dicate 4018 Microphones
    Product Price $2,869.95
    Or $60/month for 48 months
  16. 48-Month Financing**
    DPA Microphones d:vice Digital Audio Kit with d:fine 66 In-Ear Microphone
    Product Price $1,349.95
    Or $29/month for 48 months
  17. 48-Month Financing**
    DPA Microphones d:vice Digital Audio Kit with d:screet 4060 Lavalier Microphone
    Product Price $1,024.95
    Or $22/month for 48 months
  18. 48-Month Financing**
    DPA Microphones d:vice Digital Audio Kit with d:fine 66 Headset Microphone
    Product Price $1,229.95
    Or $26/month for 48 months
  19. 48-Month Financing**
    DPA Microphones d:dicate ST4006A Stereo Pair with Two 4006A with Clips and Windscreen in Peli Case
    Product Price $4,739.95
    Or $99/month for 48 months
  20. 48-Month Financing**
    Earthworks TC20mp Omnidirectional Condenser Microphone (Matched Pair)
    Product Price $869.00
    Or $19/month for 48 months
  21. 48-Month Financing**
    Audio-Technica AT4022 Omnidirectional Condenser Microphone
    Product Price $349.00
  22. 48-Month Financing**
    Audio-Technica AT4049B Omnidirectional Condenser Microphone
    Product Price $599.00
    Or $13/month for 48 months
  23. 48-Month Financing**
    Audio-Technica U853PMU UniPoint UniLine Condenser Hanging Microphone
    Product Price $299.00
  24. 48-Month Financing**
    Shure MX395B Microflex Low Profile Boundary Microphone
    Product Price $178.00
  25. 48-Month Financing**
    Earthworks QTC50 Omnidirectional Microphone
    Product Price $1,399.00
    Or $30/month for 48 months
  26. 48-Month Financing**
    Shure MX391/C Microflex Omnidirectional Boundary Microphone Cardioid
    Product Price $192.00
  27. 48-Month Financing**
    Beyerdynamic TG I55c Helix Instrument Condenser Mic
    Product Price $179.99
  28. 48-Month Financing**
    Beyerdynamic MM 1 Measurement Microphone
    Product Price $177.29
  29. 48-Month Financing**
    Earthworks M30mp Measurement Microphone (Matched Pair)
    Product Price $1,499.00
    Or $32/month for 48 months
  30. 48-Month Financing**
    Earthworks M50mp Measurement Microphone (Matched Pair)
    Product Price $2,799.00
    Or $59/month for 48 months
  31. 48-Month Financing**
    Earthworks M30BXmp Measurement Microphone (Matched Pair)
    Product Price $1,769.00
    Or $37/month for 48 months
  32. 48-Month Financing**
    Earthworks M23mp Measurement Microphone (Matched Pair)
    Product Price $1,069.00
    Or $23/month for 48 months
  33. 48-Month Financing**
    Earthworks M30BX Measurement Microphone
    Product Price $819.00
    Or $18/month for 48 months
  34. 48-Month Financing**
    Earthworks QTC30mp Omnidirectional Microphone (Matched Pair)
    Product Price $1,699.00
    Or $36/month for 48 months
  35. 48-Month Financing**
    Earthworks TC25mp Omnidirectional Condenser Microphone (Matched Pair)
    Product Price $1,099.00
    Or $23/month for 48 months
  36. 48-Month Financing**
    Rode Reporter Omnidirectional Interview Microphone
    Product Price $129.00
    Open Box:
  37. 48-Month Financing**
    Audix TM1 Test and Measurement Mic
    Product Price $299.00
  38. 48-Month Financing**
    Audio-Technica U841A UniPoint Omnidirectional Condenser Boundary Microphone
    Product Price $249.00
  39. 48-Month Financing**
    Audix M1255B Miniaturized Condenser Microphone
    Product Price $429.00
  40. 48-Month Financing**
    Earthworks TC25 Omnidirectional Condenser Microphone
    Product Price $499.00
    Or $11/month for 48 months
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