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When it comes to headphones, few have had the cultural impact of Beats by Dre. First introduced in 2008, these headphones have quickly become some of the most recognized in the world. Musicians, athletes, movie stars, and more have all embraced these powerful headphones. This has not only given them the incredible exposure, it's also made them an iconic symbol of style.  As much works of art as they are headphones, Beats by Dre look absolutely incredible. Offering beautiful, streamlined style that will definitely catch the eye of everyone you pass by, these headphones are loaded with visual appeal for anyone who wants to look sharp while listening. Of course, they can look great, but if they don't sound just as amazing, then what's the point? Luckily for you, every pair of Beats by Dre headphones blows the hype completely out of the water. Simply put, listening to your favorite songs on a pair of Beats by Dre will have you noticing things you'll swear you've never heard before. Look at the Beats by Dre Pro headphones, for example. Made from steel and aluminum, these headphones allow the bass to powerfully resonate through their oversized leather ear cups so you can hear the grooves come to life like you're hearing the song for the very first time. Best of all, the heavy padding on these headphones doubles as passive noise cancellation, so you can get lost in the music without disturbance from the world around you.

If you're more of an on-the-go listener, you'll want to check out the Beats by Dre Solo HD headphones. With two speakers in each can, these headphones offer seriously high fidelity sound that can easily fit in your bag. Additionally, they feature a built-in microphone and remote so you can effortlessly switch songs or take a call.

But what if you're doing more than just riding the bus or taking a walk? What if you're seriously active and are looking for a pair of headphones that can keep up? Look no further than the Beats by Dre PowerBeats. These minimalist headphones pair things down to the bare necessities: power, quality and convenience. The first thing you'll notice about them is how they secure to your ear so they won't come loose when you're working out. The next thing you'll notice is how incredible they sound, packing a serious punch when you're taking things to the next level, while still allowing ambient noise to creep in and keep you aware of your surroundings, even if you're outdoors exercising.

No matter your lifestyle, there's a pair of Beats that is perfect for you. From the street to the studio, Beats by Dre headphones will bring your music to life and change the way you listen to your favorite songs forever.