Cornet Mouthpieces

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If there's one part of a cornet that should never be overlooked, it's the mouthpiece. This is where the sound is first created, after all, which means that cornet mouthpieces play a huge role in the instrument's overall voice. Whether you're looking for an upgrade over the mouthpiece you already have or simply in need of a spare to keep on hand, you'll find it in this section.

There are several different options to choose from, and a few that you've probably already noticed are the Kelly mouthpieces. They certainly stand out, since they come in all kinds of colors. What really makes the Kellys unique, though, is that they're made of Lexan polycarbonate. Have you ever found yourself dreading outdoor performances in hot or cold weather, when the mouthpiece feels like it's trying to fry you or freeze you? With one of these on your cornet, that's a worry you'll never have to repeat. Definitely a must-have item if you're in a marching band!

For times that call for a more traditional mouthpiece, you've got plenty to choose from here. Laskey, Faxx and Stork are some of the classic style mouthpiece brands available. You can even get backbores for Warburton cornet mouthpiece tops if you use them. Something else that might interest you is the Asymmetric Virtuoso Cornet Mouthpiece: it's certainly a departure from the usual, but its special design makes it easy to nail those high registers and get bigger sound without straining yourself.

Whether you like to keep things traditional or try the newest developments, you can do it with this wide variety of cornet mouthpieces. Who knew that something as straightforward as a mouthpiece could be so high-tech? At any rate, the right mouthpiece for your cornet is something only you can decide for sure - it's as individual a choice as a guitarist's strings or a drummer's sticks, and once you've found the right fit, you'll know it.