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About Deering:

If you're a big fan of the banjo, then you've probably seen plenty of Deering over the years. On the other hand, if you're new to the instrument, consider this your introduction to some of the most sought-after banjos anywhere. Deering has a reputation that's made their instruments go-to choices for the nation's best pickers, and thanks to the wide variety they have to offer, it's easy to find the perfect one for any experience level or playing style. When you want to know what makes a banjo great, just take a good, long look at the Deering lineup to find out.

For beginners, a great first instrument is the Deering Goodtime Banjo. Bringing impressive build quality to an affordable price point, it's easy to play and just as easy on the eyes. Some other variations round out the Goodtime family, including the Goodtime 2 Banjo, Goodtime Midnight Special 5-string Resonator and Deering Goodtime Special 5-String Open Back Banjo. These take the basic ideas of the original Goodtime Banjo and build on them to create instruments ready for intermediate to advanced players.

Are you picking at the professional level? If so, there are some real beauties waiting for you here. Take the Deering Sierra 5-String Banjo, for instance: it's been the most popular Deering instrument for nearly two decades, with a look and sound that are absolutely classic. Maybe you'd rather go for something modern and totally unique? In that case, the Deering Crossfire Electric Banjo could be the option for you. An amazing combination of banjo sound and electric guitar power, it's a stage performer's dream.

Whether you want something that looks forward to the future or keeps its roots firmly in the past, Deering has a banjo for you in this section. Beginner or expert, folk or country... no musician is left out. In fact, you might even decide to add more than one Deering to your collection. You wouldn't be the first, and you'd be well on your way to making great music for years to come.