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For over half a century, Suzuki has been one of the leaders in the world of producing quality musical instruments for educational purposes. Constantly striving for design excellence, Suzuki has been awarded a precision quality certification of ISO 9001  -  a level of certification usually reserved for aerospace and high-tech industries. With such exacting standards, it's no wonder people are more likely to choose Suzuki digital pianos over any other.  Suzuki was founded in Hamamatsu, Japan in 1953 with one goal, "Providing the world with the affordable means to positively communicate through the universal language of music."  Suzuki understands that making music is a lot of fun, but they also know the positive effects it can have on your life. That why Suzuki digital pianos are built to enhance your creativity, cooperation and personal expression in mind.

Suzuki digital pianos all offer incredible tonal qualities, so there's really no right or wrong option here. It simply comes down to which one you feel is right for you. One of the options that is definitely worth checking out is the Micro Grand Digital Piano. This beautiful digital piano will fit in nearly any space thanks to its compact design and offers great tools to help the beginner get well on their way. Features such as a 3 track music recorder allow students to track daily progress, while a built-in iPod dock lets you play along with your favorite songs, resulting in a lot more practice, as well as a lot more fun!

Speaking of learning, if you're looking for an all-in-one package to learn and excel at the digital piano, check out one of the the Micro Grand Digital Piano Packages. These packages include a great digital piano, as well as headphones and learning materials. If you're looking for workshops to get a better handle on the fundamentals, check out Package 1. If, on the other hand, you've got some experience and are looking to learn songs by your favorite artists, check out Package 2. This set includes music books from a great assortment of artists, including Elton John, Billy Joel, and Maroon 5.

Suzuki is committed to helping people play the music they love. By helping people learn their craft, Suzuki is doing their part to ensure the world will be musically rich for generations to come. Digital pianos have never been so capable of mimicking the feel and sound of a regular acoustic piano—and for proof, you don't need to look any further than Suzuki's catalog. Since 1953, Suzuki has stayed committed to pianists of all skill levels and budgets, and their line of digital pianos includes models for a variety of applications. Whether you're a studio session performer, a stay-at-home hobbyist or a stage veteran, this section of Suzuki digital pianos is sure to have something to your liking.

Suzuki digital pianos are extremely popular around the world, and it's obvious when you see how many top-rated items and best sellers make up this page. With that being said, the right digital piano for you will boil down to your own needs, preferences and price range. For example, the portable CTP-88 Classroom Teaching Piano is ideal for any younger, aspiring student. Featuring 24Mb of powerful sound, an advanced synthesizer engine that boasts 128-note polyphony, full-color LCD control screen, Bluetooth compatibility and iPad connectivity, the CTP-88 is a high-tech beauty.

Now for all you experienced players who prefer the style of a grand piano but don't have room for the real thing, take a look at the MDG-400 Baby Grand Digital Piano. Perfectly proportioned, this stunning instrument combines timeless aesthetics with high-end performance tools and technology, but it comes at a price that won't break your bank. It has a 6-way stereo sound system, 4.3 True Color LCD display, 128-note polyphony, secure digital memory card; the features are seemingly endless! No doubt, the amazing depth and realism of the MDG-400 will blow away even the most accomplished pianist.

And there are many other Suzuki digital pianos here that deserve your consideration, so jump in any time now. Whatever Suzuki digital piano you choose, you can expect an exceptionally high level of playability and sound quality. The reason is because Suzuki's talented team of workers take pride in providing you with the instruments you need to make your skills soar. From their ever-expanding selection of models to their knack for innovative designs, it's no wonder why Suzuki remains a leader in the manufacturing of digital pianos.