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Every gigging DJ knows that without the proper gear, a stellar performance simply isn't possible. Your equipment has to be packed with all the features you need in the DJ booth, not to mention it needs to be reliable and able to withstand night after night of fast-spinning, hard-hitting action. Seems like a lot to ask doesn't it? Not for Gemini - their high-tech DJ controllers and interfaces offer an unmatched level of versatility that keeps you on top of your DJ game. Gemini controllers and interfaces put you in control of every beat and bassline you want to share with the crowd.

A prime example of Gemini's ever-evolving innovation is the best-selling SLATE 4 DJ Controller. This 4-channel DJ controller is thin, lightweight and fully pre-mapped for immediate use with Serato DJ Intro: one of the simplest digital software programs available to DJS. With its RGB backlit pads, re-worked capacitive jog wheel and familiar layout that's designed to feel comfortable for all DJ's from beginners to professionals, the SLATE 4 DJ Controller is just what you need to kick-start your next amazing mix.

Have the drive and desire to play all forms of digital music? Check out Gemini's GMX Drive. With this all-in-one controller, you can play tracks from a single USB drive, from either of the two slot-in CD drives, or from your laptop as a virtual MIDI software controller. The compact, portable style of this lightweight gear is perfect for fast and simple setups at smaller venues and house parties.

Whether you're picking up your headphones for the first time or have spun countless high-energy shows, the Gemini DJ controllers and interfaces found here will bring new, exciting sound possibilities to your DJ career. Consider your needs as an artist, take a while to browse your options and before you know it, your both will be set-up with the perfect Gemini DJ controller.