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To keep the dance floor shaking all night, it certainly helps to have the best DJ gear and accessories money can buy. Today's DJ has a lot more options to choose from than they did 20 years ago, and creating pulverizing playlists is easy when you go with American Audio DJ Gear. To be in control of the club, you need to connect with your audience. Rest assured, American Audio DJ gear has no shortage of equipment to keep the floor moving. From mixers and turntables to headphones and cd players, American Audio DJ gear has a wide range of cutting-edge digital products that can easily take the talents of any aspiring mixer and scratcher to extraordinary new heights.

For tons of playback options and a versatile pitch bend, the American Audio UCD-100 single mp3/cd player is a superb sounding CD and MP3 player that contains all the advanced playback features you need. A huge bright screen displays all the key info required to control mixing music, and the front-loading CD tray consists of variable pitch control and bend for mixing tracks. Another big seller is the American Audio VMS2 MIDI DJ controller. Providing more features, more performance, and more value than any other in its class, this powerful MIDI station offers impeccable versatility, thanks to its combination of the popular Virtual DJ Software and 2x MIDILOG channels.

Even the best DJ's in the industry will tell you that your talents can only go as far as your gear will allow. When you go with American Audio DJ gear, you're not only purchasing equipment that's both affordable and dependable. You're going with industry standard, state of the art equipment. In other words, American Audio DJ gear is more than capable of keeping your skills flying at their highest level of potential.