Behringer DJ Gear

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When you need to pump out the jams, you want Behringer DJ gear in your setup. Famously started by one man at his kitchen table and moving up to international status in a few short decades, Behringer is a name synonymous with mixing and creating music. From controllers and interfaces to mixers and preamps, if you're a DJ, Behringer is an affordable way to bring professional-quality to your performances. So what are you searching for to amp up your sound? If you're looking for a mixer to give you the ultimate in control over your music, start with the B-Control DeeJay BCD3000 DJ Mixer. With the ability to play, mix and scratch a variety of digital and traditional formats, this mixer features 2 wheel jogs, 3-band kill EQ, a smooth crossfader, an internal microphone preamp and so much more. It even includes Native Instruments Traktor 3 LE DJ software, allowing you to refine your sound even further.

If you're here for a top-of-the-line controller then spend some time with the DJ Controller CMD STUDIO 4A Level 1. Featuring a 4-channel built-in USB audio interface, sensitive 6" touch control platters and a highly integrated, intuitive design, this controller does it all. And because it's class-compliant with MIDI protocol and compatible with a huge range of top DJ software packages, you'll be able to expand you skills even further.

Maybe you're searching for something as simple as a preamp? Then check out the Microphono PP400 Phono Preamp. Able to convert your phono signal into a line level signal, this lightweight, compact preamp boosts your turntable sound like nothing else. Featuring dedicated RCA and 1/4" output connectors, as well as a DC 12-volt adapter, this versatile piece of equipment will enhance the way your DJ. 

With a host of artists spanning every genre you could think of, Behringer is a name trusted industry-wide for the quality of their equipment. If you're ready to harness the power of your music, and truly take your DJ-ing to the next level, you'll definitely appreciate everything the gear here can do for you.