Meinl Djembes

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A djembe is an instrument that really stands out from the crowd, even when compared with other Latin and world percussion. Their look is totally unique, and what's even better news is that, as attractive as they are to the eye, they do even more for the ear. It's easy to think of the djembe as the pet instrument of drum circles and protests, but the truth is that there's a lot more to this drum than that. Meinl djembes are great examples to demonstrate as much, with options ranging from whimsical artistic designs to drums that would look right at home in the middle of a symphony orchestra.

One of the decisions to make when choosing a Meinl djembe is the type of tuning mechanism you'd like. In traditional rope-tuned designs like the Mini Nile Series Djembe or the Journey Series Rope Turned Fiberglass Goatskin Head Djembe, the skin is held on by a set of rings connected to a lower ring by webbed rope. You can tune these by tightening or loosening that rope. Other models, such as the Meinl Floatune Wood Djembe or Headliner Series Wood Djembe, use a metal lug system that more closely resembles other kinds of drums. These mechanical versions offer great tuning precision and stability, which makes them great choices for professional use.

Something else to think about would be how you'd like to accessorize your Meinl djembe. For instance, check out the Headliner Djembe Percussion Pack with Free Shaker and Jingle Stick if you want to get a whole collection of hand percussion all at once. Or, if a more traditional add-on appeals to you, take a look at the Meinl Kessing. This accessory mounts easily by sliding into the djembe's webbing, and adds a fresh dimension to your drum's sound with its rattling effect.

Meinl is one of the world's leaders when it comes to percussion, and that includes everything they make, from cymbals to cowbells. Meinl djembes are no exception, bringing the high quality we've come to expect from Meinl to this traditional and well-loved family of hand drums. When you want an accessible way to express yourself, the versatility of the djembe is the perfect answer.