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Since 1919, Thomastik has remained on the cutting-edge of instrument string manufacturing, and their line of double bass strings are no exception. In fact, Thomastik double bass strings are more often than not the preferred choice of professional double bassists, thanks to their stable tuning, top-notch durability, and punchy, clear sound quality. Handmade in the heart of Vienna, Austria, Thomastik uses only the finest materials in their double bass strings to ensure they hold up through countless rehearsals and performances.

As you probably already know, the deep, low-pitched sound of your double bass can be created by either bowing the instrument or plucking it with your hands, and the right strings for you will depend on which way you play. For example, if you play in a jazz band with your fingers, you'll want a string set that provides plenty of "pop", and for that, the Spirocore 3/4 Size Double Bass Strings 3/4 Weich Set are considered by many to be the best jazz bass strings on the market. Featuring a hi-tech core for effortless fingering, these best-selling strings are a double bass standard, and overall ideal for any swinging jazz cat.

Now, for those who play with a bow, you owe it to yourself to check out the Belcanto 3/4 Size Double Bass Strings 3/4 Size Set. Designed specifically for arco-style playing (i.e. with a bow), the unique steel rope core on these strings offers a dark, warm sound with excellent resonance. Thinner than most other bass strings, the Belcanto Double Bass Strings have great projection, and they're capable of producing a wide array of tonal colors that blend stunningly with other instruments.

Now that you have an idea of what Thomastik can do for you when it comes to double bass strings, don't hesitate to look at their other options as well. Whether you perform in a symphony orchestra or an energetic rockabilly quartet, Thomastik has a set of double bass strings for every taste and playing style.