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Drum Sticks

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  1. Vic Firth American Classic Hickory Drumsticks
    Product Price $9.99
  2. Value Added
    Vic Firth Buy 3 Pairs of Black Drum Sticks, Get 1 Free
    Product Price $29.99
  3. Goodwood 12-Pack Drumsticks
    Goodwood 12-Pack Drumsticks
    Product Price $39.99
  4. Vater Hickory Drum Stick Prepack
    Vater Hickory Drum Stick Prepack
    Product Price $22.95
  5. Sound Percussion Labs Hickory Drum Sticks 4-Pack
    Product Price $19.99
  6. Zildjian DIP Drumsticks - Black
    Zildjian DIP Drumsticks - Black
    Product Price $7.95
  7. Sale
    Promark American Hickory Drumsticks
    Promark American Hickory Drumsticks
    Product Price $8.99 On Sale Now!
  8. Value Added
    Promark Buy 3 Pairs of American Hickory Wood Tip Sticks and Get One Free
    Product Price $29.99
  9. Musician's Gear Hickory Drum Sticks
    Musician's Gear Hickory Drum Sticks
    Product Price $29.99
  10. Vic Firth American Classic Extreme Drumsticks
    Product Price $9.99
  11. Promark Japanese White Oak Drumsticks
    Promark Japanese White Oak Drumsticks
    Product Price $10.49
  12. Value Added
    Vic Firth 3-Pair 5A Sticks with Free Pair 5A Barrel Wood Tip
    Product Price $29.99
  13. Vic Firth American Concept Freestyle Drum Sticks
    Product Price $9.99
  14. Regal Tip American Hickory Drumsticks
    Regal Tip American Hickory Drumsticks
    Product Price $9.99
  15. Firestix Light-Up Drum Sticks
    Firestix Light-Up Drum Sticks
    Product Price $18.03
  16. Promark Rebound Balance ActiveGrip Acorn Tip Drum Sticks
    Product Price $12.99
  17. Value Added
    Zildjian Black DIP Drum Sticks, Buy 3 Get 1 Free
    Product Price $34.99
  18. Sound Percussion Labs Hickory Drum Sticks - Pair
    Product Price $5.99
  19. Value Added
    Vic Firth Buy 3 Pairs of 7A Drumsticks, Get 1 Free
    Product Price $29.99
  20. Promark Natural Hickory Drumsticks
    Promark Natural Hickory Drumsticks
    Product Price $9.99
  21. Vic Firth American Hickory, PureGrit and DoubleGlaze Drum Stick 4-Pack
    Product Price $28.49
  22. Vic Firth American Jazz Hickory Drumsticks
    Vic Firth American Jazz Hickory Drumsticks
    Product Price $9.99
  23. Vic Firth Buy 3 Pair 5A Sticks, Get 1 Pair Free
    Product Price $29.99
  24. Zildjian Black DIP Drum Sticks
    Zildjian Black DIP Drum Sticks
    Product Price $11.49
  25. Vic Firth Buy 3 Pair of 5B Sticks, Get 1 Pair Free
    Product Price $29.99
  26. Zildjian Drum Sticks
    Zildjian Drum Sticks
    Product Price $9.99
  27. Nova Hickory Drum Sticks
    Nova Hickory Drum Sticks
    Product Price $4.99
  28. Vic Firth Corpsmaster Ralph Hardimon Drum Sticks
    Product Price $11.49
  29. Vic Firth American Classic Vic Grip Hickory Drumsticks
    Product Price $11.49
  30. Value Added
    Vater Gospel Fusion Drum Sticks—Buy 3 Get 1 Free
    Product Price $25.99
  31. Vic Firth American Custom SD1 General Drum Sticks
    Product Price $9.99
  32. Promark FireGrain Drumsticks
    Promark FireGrain Drumsticks
    Product Price $12.99
  33. Vic Firth Danny Carey Signature Drumsticks
    Vic Firth Danny Carey Signature Drumsticks
    Product Price $10.99
  34. Vater Hickory Drum Stick Prepack
    Vater Hickory Drum Stick Prepack
    Product Price $29.99
  35. Ahead Drumsticks
    Ahead Drumsticks
    Product Price $29.95
  36. Value Added
    Zildjian Dip Wood Drumsticks, Buy 3 Pairs Get 1 Pair Free - Black
    Product Price $24.99
  37. Zildjian Travis Barker Signature Drumsticks
    Zildjian Travis Barker Signature Drumsticks
    Product Price $10.99
  38. Nova Hickory Drum Sticks
    Nova Hickory Drum Sticks
    Product Price $5.78
  39. Promark Neil Peart Autograph Series Drumsticks
    Product Price $10.99
  40. Vic Firth American Heritage Drumsticks
    Vic Firth American Heritage Drumsticks
    Product Price $9.99
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About Drum Sticks

Drum sticks are percussive tools that a drummer uses to play their drums. The type of drum stick a player uses helps them produce different tones from their instrument. Many drum sticks are identified with a number and a letter. The number describes the weight and diameter of the stick, with 2 being the heaviest and 9 being the lightest. The letter indicates what the tip shape is. The system isn’t universal and differs from manufacturer to manufacturer. However, classic models (like 2B, 5A, 5B and 7A) tend to be similar across brands, which helps when testing out new sticks. Drum stick manufacturers may also classify their sticks by genre. So, if you’re a jazz drummer, you might want to look into a jazz drum stick.

Popular Drum Stick Brands

At Musician’s Friend, you’ll find no shortage of drum sticks to choose from. We offer hundreds of styles from brands like Vic Firth, Promark, Vater Percussion, Innovative Percussion and more. Brands like Vic Firth and Zildjian also offer signature drum sticks from top drummers, so you can capture the sound of your favorite pros. Plus, you’ll also find top sellers from Musician’s Gear and Sound Percussion Labs.

Parts of a Drum Stick

There are four basic parts of a drum stick: the tip, the shoulder, the shaft and the butt. The tip, also called the bead, is the part of the stick that strikes the drum. The shoulder tapers to the tip, and is used to play the bell of a cymbal or for loud crashes. The main body is the drum stick shaft. Drummers usually grip the stick at the shaft, and it can be used to play cross stick. Lastly, the butt is the opposite end of the tip. Heavy metal or rock drummers sometimes opt to play using the butt instead of the tip.

Drum Stick Tip Shapes

The most common shapes for a drum stick tip are: oval, teardrop, round or ball, acorn and barrel. Oval tips can be used for most styles and produce a sound with warm tone and great bounce. Teardrop tips are also warm and can focus in on lower tones. Round or ball tips produce crisp and articulate sound suited for jazz and snare drummers. Full, rich sound comes from acorn tips. Barrel tips pack a punch and get loud. If you need to be heard over other instruments, they’re a great option.

Drum Stick Thickness

Thickness of your drum stick also affects the sound. Thinner sticks allow for a softer sound, perfect for jazz drumming. Rock drummers love a medium thickness for versatility that can bring the noise or turn down for a softer ballad. Hearty heavy metal or hard rock artists give it their all with thicker sticks.

Drum Stick Materials

Most drum sticks are made of either oak, hickory or maple wood. Oak drum sticks are the heaviest wood, and last the longest. Oak is durable and well-suited to intense playing, particularly for metal and rock drummers. Drummers who want to hit hard but don’t want a heavy drum stick will like the natural feel of hickory. It’s lighter than oak wood and is still a durable option that provides a lot of versatility, with moderate energy absorption and flexibility. Maple sticks wear out sooner but are a great option for drummers who prefer a thicker design since it is the lightest wood option. A lightweight maple stick has stand-out flexibility and gladly absorbs energy, saving your hands from an extra hit. Drum sticks can also be made of plastic or composite materials for more durability. Plastic sticks can come in fun colors for extra flash in a performance. Composite sticks are made of materials like carbon fiber, metal alloys and more.

Wood Tips vs. Nylon Tips

Drum stick tips are commonly made of wood or nylon. Occasionally, you’ll find stick tips made with felt, plastic or rubber. Nylon tips help the cymbals emerge in a softer, smoother manner with a brighter overall sound. Drummers who use electronic drum kits will want a nylon tip drum stick, as wood can split and damage drum pads. Traditional wooden tips, while prone to chipping, bring you a classic sound that’s full and warm. What an individual drummer prefers will come down to the sound they’re trying to create.

Lacquered Drum Sticks vs. Unlacquered Drum Sticks

Drum sticks come in lacquered or unlacquered designs. This can affect a drummer’s grip and the lifespan of the stick. Lacquering is a finish that seals the wood to prevent moisture, and has a slicker feel. Unlacquered drum sticks will have a tighter grip, since it’s closer to raw wood, but are more susceptible to environmental damage.

Concert Drum Sticks

Depending on the type of drumming you do, you may require a specific drum stick. Concert drum sticks come in many varieties, from standard to specialized and multi-purpose playing. Double-ended concert drum sticks have different drum tips on either end of the stick. This gives concert drummers a versatile, all-in-one option. Innovative Percussion’s James Campbell multi-stick allows a concert drummer to play several types of percussion instruments (like snares, cymbals and timpani) with just one stick. There’s plenty of signature models from top concert drummers to try out too.

Marching Drum Sticks

Power and punch with control and durability is a must-have for snare drummers. Marching snare drummers will want a drum stick that’s longer than the standard 14 inches. 17 inches is the typical length of a snare drum stick. Vic Firth Corpsmaster drum sticks, as well as Promark’s and Innovative Percussion’s marching snare series are great options for this type of percussive drumming.

Timbale Drum Sticks

Timbaleros require specific drum sticks since they play a wide range of percussive sounds from a timbale. Timbale drum sticks have a unique shape with a domed tip and butt end. They are lighter and thinner so they can deliver bright rim shots, rolls and more. Because of their unique design, timbale drum sticks bring out the classic sounds a player wants. Regular drum sticks won’t produce the same effect.

History of Drum Sticks

Humans have been using drum sticks to play since at least the 14th century CE, and possibly as early as the 7th or 8th century A.D. in Kazakhstan and China. The design has evolved heavily over the years, especially with military drummers. The modern drum stick design we use today was popularized in the 1950s with the widespread appearance of the three piece kit. Drumming became more accessible, with catchy Carl Perkins-inspired bands popping up all over America. Rock 'n' roll took the world by storm and the common 4/4 timing, coupled with a spin of a drum stick, ignited dance halls. Nostalgic musicians may still choose to play this way. With so many different genres in today's scene, it's no wonder there is such a colored collection of drum sticks. Find you new favorite drum sticks here at Musician’s Friend.

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